Getting Rid of Phonix Bed Bugs

Identifying A Problem

The first step in getting rid of phoenix bed bugs is to identify you actually have them. They like to hide behind pictures and in the molding. They love electronic devices like radios and usually love the box springs. A through inspection of the area you think may be infested needs done to be sure your problem is bed bugs.

Even if you have a new mattress and box springs you cannot rule out bed bugs because often old mattresses and other furniture is hauled away in the same truck new items are delivered in. Eggs and bugs can fall out in the truck and get attached too or crawl in the new furniture. If you buy a new mattress make sure it is covered in heavy plastic till after it is delivered to your home.

What Next?

After identifying you have a problem you will need to decide how to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Phoenix pest control can be costly, but usually hiring a professional is best because bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. Since hiring a professional can be costly be sure they are state certified and use environment friendly products like Green Home Pest Control.

Green Home Pest Control hires only technicians that are state certified and who can pass back ground and drug tests. Since Green Home Pest Control is a family owned and operated business they make sure all their technicians are highly skilled professionals. They only use products that are botanical or organically derived to help keep your family and pets safe. Other companies often use highly toxic pesticides.

Green Home Pest Control treats your entire property. They do not charge extra for roaches, mice, wasp or other pest control needs. they guarantee their work and will come back and retreat your property free of charge if you see more signs of infestation.

Green Home Pest Control covers your entire property when they treat it. They treat areas like under sinks in the wet wall voids where bed bugs actively live and lay eggs
instead of areas where your family lives. You can be assured that using Green Home Pest Control gilbert AZ  will not only get rid of your Phoenix bed bug infestation, but do it in a safe and effective manner keeping both your family and pets safe.

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